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“Fast, funny and true, Film Is Hell captures the insane world of low-budget filmmaking like nothing else out there.”

-- Billy Taylor, author, Based on the Movie (Atria Books)


“A tour-de-force tour through the nine circles of hell known as indie filmmaking, told with the eye of a great cinematographer and the voice of a true storyteller. A wild ride of a read for moviegoers as well as film insiders.”

-- Jill Dearman, author, Bang the Keys (Penguin)


“Howe captures the rush and desperation of low-budget filmmaking better than anyone. Hilarious and heartfelt.”

--Tony Grazia, co-producer, Noise


“The funniest book ever written about making movies, and a perfect snapshot of the lowest rung of the industry. Howe beautifully captures the camaraderie, egomania, eccentricity, sex, danger and madness of these meat-grinder productions. As exciting as a bank heist, and too insane not to be true.”

-- Lawrence O’Neil, director, Breastmen (HBO)


“Essential reading for the indie filmmaker.  Howe nails it.”

-- Jeff Waxman, co-producer, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead


Film Is Hell is more than a funny look behind the scenes of low-budget guerilla filmmaking. What elevates it is a touching, wonderful story of a young man's quest for success and a character we grow to care deeply about. Like Ed Wood, Howe's book captures the zany and the genuine. A ‘must read’ for the thousands of college students in film schools across the country. A great read for anyone who loves movies. A fun read for anyone who has ever seen a movie.”

-- A. Dean Bell, director/writer, What Alice Found (Sundance 2003 award winner)


“For many years I served with Matt Howe in the low-budget movie-making trenches, and believe me when I tell you, he gets it exactly right. This book does to filmmaking what Jim Bouton’s Ball Four did to baseball. It gets behind the myths and shows a world populated by charming whack-jobs and ego-driven lunatics all smashing into each other and creating truly forgettable work. I’m elated that he chronicled these truly unforgettable experiences.”

-- John Weiner, director, Cryptic


“Funny. Painful. True. I know, I was there.”

-- Whitney Ransick, director, Smallville, Supernatural

Film Is Hell


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